Cellebration Fellowship: WHO WE ARE

A Community of Believers: Cellebration Fellowship is a community church in the metro-Atlanta neighborhood of Clarkston, Georgia.  An independent body of believers under the umbrella of Good News Fellowship (a network of Mennonite churches), we represent a mix of backgrounds and traditions united as believers in Christ. The focus of Cellebration Fellowship in the past few years has been on inviting and incorporating the international community in work and worship.  Our location in the heavily international community of Clarkston means that a large percentage of our members are refugees and asylees from areas like Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Burma.



Sunday worship:  Each Sunday morning, we come together for prayer, music, preaching, and sharing as Pastor Dave Lambert shares from God's Word. Everyone is encouraged to participate actively in worship. Whether a chorus in Sudanese Mabaan, a scripture reading in Burmese, or a drama sketch in English, we celebrate the multiple facets of the language and culture among our community of believers. 

Cell Groups: Cell groups have been an important part of Cellebration Fellowship from the start. These small group home meetings are especially helpful for those in the congregation who speak less English, a chance for them to delve deeper into the week's sermon and lessons from God's Word. 


EMM Photos/D. Gohman

 Missions: In addition to a church family in Clarkston, we also see Cellebration Fellowship as a training field for missions work.  Many have come to Cellebration for the short term to help fulfill practical needs in Clarkston --- relating to people of different backgrounds and cultures as they adjust and learn in a new home, assisting low-income families through the difficult times, etc. Some of our members have built upon friendships and experiences in our church to go on to missions in the United States and around the world.